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Peony Bee Apiary and Farm is situated on a 35 acre family "farm" near beautiful Coeur d'Alene lake in Idaho. Our farm consists of a garden and small greenhouse, a small flock of free range pastured laying hens, and depending on the year or season either free range pastured turkeys or free range pastured meat chickens. And of course our apiary! Our bees have access to hundreds of acres of beautiful meadows and forests. Their honey is a beautiful amber concoction of clover, vetch, knapweed, dandelion, St. Johns wart and tarweed to name a few. They also work hard in the raspberry bushes and the vegetable garden. We work hard on our farm and with our neighbors to keep our fields and gardens pesticide free. Our apiary consists of 8 very hard working chemical free hives and promises to grow and grow for years to come.

Peony Bee Apiary

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